Beatriz case: suspect is identified and confesses to murder of a 7-year-old girl with stab wounds in 2015

2022.01.18 22:41 NobreVagabundo Beatriz case: suspect is identified and confesses to murder of a 7-year-old girl with stab wounds in 2015

Hi! My first post on this sub! With all the sad stories we see here every day, I thought it would be nice to share that this devastating case was finally solved after six years. I'm not a native english speaker, please don't mind any miswritten words or so.
Basically, Beatriz Angélica was a 7 year old girl that was found dead with stab wounds at a school in the Brazilian city of Petrolina, back in 2015. The whole story was already posted, so please go here in case you're not familiar with it:
Beatriz's parents never gave up on finding the person responsible for their daughter's death. In December 2021, they walked more than 430 miles, between Petrolina and Recife, to seek justice. The act lasted 23 days and had the support of municipal authorities and residents of the cities through which they passed.
On January 11 2022, more than six years after the murder, Pernambuco Scientific Police determined that the DNA found on the knife left at the crime scene belongs to Marcelo da Silva, 40, who is in prison for other crimes since 2017. His DNA was part of the State Bank of Genetic Profiles.
Marcelo confessed to the murder and was indicted after being heard by delegates. According to the Secretary of Social Defense of Pernambuco, Humberto Freire, Marcelo would be on the outskirts of the school in search of money to leave the city. He had been drinking and had no intention of entering the school or committing any crime (he actually thought it was a church). At the scene, the accused found Beatriz. Seeing that he was carrying a knife, the girl got scared and started screaming; “in the face of this exasperation, the fright she showed, he ended up silencing her with stab wounds”. The Secretary also claims that the crime was not planned and had no accomplices. Still according to him, 10 knife blows were recorded and not 42 as had been reported. 42 is the number of photographs of the stab wounds that appear in the lawsuits, as the wounds are photographed from different angles.
Beatriz's family believe that Marcelo really is the killer, but argue that many questions still need to be answered. Her mother doesn't think the alleged motive for the crime is true.
Today, it was announced that Marcelo wrote a letter stating that he was pressured to confess to the crime. The State Department of Social Defense stated that "the entire investigation into the murder of the girl Beatriz is being carried out within all legal parameters, with zeal and honesty".
The police stated that they will continue the investigation and that they will maintain dialogue with the Public Ministry of Pernambuco for the continuity of the process.

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2022.01.18 22:41 Beginning_Extent_434 I want to bleed out and fade away

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2022.01.18 22:41 SpaceCadetMoonbeam What's wrong with my betta!? Tests come back fine but he's colored different. 1st pic is tests by the page, 2nd pic is how he looks now, 3rd pic is what it looked like 4 days ago. He's lethargic. Did a 25% water change today.

What's wrong with my betta!? Tests come back fine but he's colored different. 1st pic is tests by the page, 2nd pic is how he looks now, 3rd pic is what it looked like 4 days ago. He's lethargic. Did a 25% water change today. submitted by SpaceCadetMoonbeam to bettafish [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:41 Initial_Mud_8037 Advice for a school psych student/mft

Hi everyone.
I need some advice.
I completed my masters in clinical Psych (mft route) and I currently now work doing school based mental health which I love. I am also completing my doctoral degree in school psych so I can have the double licensure and get a pay bump!However, I’m feeling like my masters degree was a lot harder and I’m reviewing the basics in my new program (with the exception of some assessment pieces).
Any advice? Is it normal to not feel very challenged after the Master’s?
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2022.01.18 22:41 hulahoopinghippos Out of towners looking to get alexandria residents a restaurant gift card

My family from Alexandria just came up to NJ to help us following the birth of our son. I'd love to get them a restaurant gift card for somewhere great down by them as a thank you. They are late 30s, enjoy good beer, one vegetarian, are covid cautious (so maybe outdoor eating w heaters? Not a deal breaker since they can use it in the summer too). I'd be grateful for any recommendations! Higher end places/places in Old Town would be great. Will probably spend & $100-150. Thank you!
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2022.01.18 22:41 Possible_Fruit7486 UPenn Research

I am a senior in high school who is looking to do research under a professor at UPenn. I was just wondering who I should contact and how I would be able to achieve a research position. Alongside that, I would love to know who exactly at UPenn takes high school researchers because I know they are very selective.
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2022.01.18 22:41 GoodnightGertie Why do so many mental health providers lie about the insurance they take?

It's a weird question I know, but I have been trying for the past 6 months to get into therapy but it always leads to a dead end. I thought it was my insurance, (UnitedHealthcare) but I recently changed to Cigna and I am having the same problem.
I look at "Find Care & Costs" through my insurance website and there are tons of therapists/counselors saying that they accept my insurance and they are accepting new patients. I check their Psychology Today page or their website and it says they accept new patients and my insurance. My insurance says estimated cost per visit is $25. When I reach out to them, most either say that they are not accepting new patients, and the ones that are say that they don't take any insurance and I would have to pay a ridiculous price ($150-300) and send a receipt to my insurance company to be reimbursed. I've had some say they accept United Healthcare, but not my specific plan.
It's like a bait and switch. It's free advertising. I don't know if they're lying or don't want to do paperwork or whatever but I have reached out and emailed my insurance companies several times to have them removed but they still are listed as accepting new patients and copay of $25. And this is only happening with mental health providers, I had to go to a series of physical therapies and chiropractors that I found through my insurance that accepted me without a problem.
Why is this? I live in NJ too, if that matters.
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2022.01.18 22:41 darksoul916 VIN received in Vancouver

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2022.01.18 22:41 albertchebyshev News Media Consunption and Public Trust Towards Mainstream Media

Hi! Pahelp naman po! 🥰
If you are: ✅ A Filipino ✅ A QC resident ✅ Aged 18 years old and above ✅ A media user who checks news
Then we would like to humbly ask for a portion of your time to answer our online survey by clicking the link below: 👇👇👇
This survey will take 5-7 minutes for you to answer. It is about the impact of COVID on News Consumption and Public Trust Towards Mainstream Media.
Thank you so much po!
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2022.01.18 22:41 choconuts5 【おもらし速報】個人情報保護委員会が個人情報を漏えい パブリックコメント参加者の氏名や所属先を誤掲載

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2022.01.18 22:41 JoelWMatthews FT: Other Apriballs | LF: Love Balls

Looking to trade my other apriballs for Love Balls. They're my favorite. :)
Here's what I still have!
- Level Ball - Lure Ball - Moon Ball - Friend Ball
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2022.01.18 22:41 ElysiumJuly Chapter Five: Desperate for Backup - AFTER DARK COMES DARKNESS (An Apocalyptic Game-Lit)

First - Previous
Chapter Five: Desperate for Backup
Can you believe it? Can you believe what I heard on the radio? Some kind of organization is playing like they are the official here. Where’s the government? Where’s the army? Who are these people? And what’s with the guardians title? Shouldn’t it be more badass than that? Anyway, whoever this organization is thinks this whole thing is a goddamn game. They told the public over the radio their plans on developing an app to track missions, and progress of their army of guardians towards a goal of a behemoth-free world. I don’t know, man. Also, I’m glad I didn’t go to KFC because apparently, they were the ones running it now along with other surviving establishments. What the hell is happening? It hasn’t been a year since this started. Who are these people? And where do they still get chickens from?
- Excerpt from an old diary
THE words from the notification kept on repeating inside of Xyphen’s head like a broken record. May God be with you. “What the hell does that supposed to mean?” The words went out of Xyphen’s mouth before he could stop them. He swore he wanted to choke their captain when they got back. How come they have a solar guardian shortage? Aren’t saving their co-guardians a priority?
Then there was something pushing the entrance door. The bell chimed in repeatedly. No doubt that a behemoth’s out there trying his luck. Each chime sent a chill through his spine. Soleil hugged herself, pressing her back against the cabinet, her tremors were violent. Xyphen took her hand in his and somehow, she stopped for a second but then continued. They held hands together. The cold metal of his gun seeped through his other hand. The dog whined quietly and shivered between them.
Somehow, it felt like Xyphen’s on a massage chair.
“Soleil, it’s going to be alright. Remember when little Jay and Clarence got into a bit of a situation like this? When they got back, they promoted them. A higher rank Soleil. That means we won’t have to be 130 years old to rank up.”
Soleil turned to look at him, a sour expression plastered on her face. She took a ragged breath before speaking in a low voice. “Have you ever wondered why we don’t see them?”
“They are in different dormitories. Different cafeteria. Different training rooms and all of the nicer things than us. They are pretty unfair on that, I think,” Xyphen said, he forced a cheer in his voice, but it sounded more like a depressed and desperate salesman.
She stared at him and without blinking she replied, “They are dead, Xyphen. Dead.”
Hours had passed. Soleil was glad to have a restroom near them and she’s glad she didn’t eat too much dairy yesterday. Her stomach churned from hunger. It was pretty tiring last night, and they should’ve had their breakfast and lunch by now. Even their water was scarce. There was trickle of water from the faucet though it will take a whole day to fill their bottle.
Xyphen had actually fallen asleep on the floor, the dog curled up beside him. They stirred on the slightest sounds. Soleil had to tell them it’s nothing in the lowest voice she could muster. She wanted to believe her own words, but she had been tracking the sounds and low tremble of the ground for some hours now and she was quite sure a behemoth had been circling the store.
She glanced at her watch, 2:39PM. The behemoth outside hasn’t stopped yet.
Soleil mildly shook Xyphen awake. “Xyphen, I need you to do something,” She hushed.
“What? What time is it?” Xyphen asked groggily. “Do we have a mission? I felt like I didn’t sleep that long. I bet it's still bright outside. We’ll go out in a bit, okay? Let me sleep some more.”
Soleil set her lips straight. Xyphen thought they were in the dormitory. She shook his arm again. “We’re literally out, Xyphen. Wake up,” And with that Xyphen’s eyes peeled open.
He quickly sat straight; his neck cracked as he quickly scanned their surroundings. When reality hit him, he sighed. “God, I thought we’re at the dormitory. Good thing, I didn’t shout rise and shine, the moon’s up,” He chuckled as he rubbed his eyes. Soleil’s expression made his lips turn downwards. She’s really not taking any jokes right now. “What can I do for you?”
Soleil looked at him and then hesitated for a second before speaking, “Can you stay awake?”
Xyphen blinked as he scooted towards the wall. “Sure, do you want to sleep?”
“No,” Soleil took out her gun. Two bullets were jammed in the chamber. “But I think we need to stay alert now until the sun sets.”
The ground gave a little tremor. Xyphen’s eyes strike towards the single window as if he could see what’s out there behind the blinds. “Let me guess, a behemoth’s been out there?” He tried taking the gun from Soleil, but she pulled back and shot him a glare.
Soleil studied the gun before pulling the magazine out. “Yes, it’s circling the store for hours now-“
“Four?” Xyphen asked, sticking out four fingers.
“No,” Soleil sighed, “As in I don’t know exactly but it’s been hours,” She worked the slide a couple of times before inserting back the magazine. She racked the gun.
Xyphen watched as Soleil fixed her gun. Some of her black hair stuck out from her ponytail. Sweat trailed down her forehead. Soleil bit her lower lip as she placed the gun back in its holster. She gave a tap on her dagger before releasing a shaky breath.
The thing is if the behemoth’s been there for some time now. It’s unlikely to move along. They can get a bit obsessed with one thing if there’s no other distraction. He knew all these because of his experience with them back when he was just a civilian trying to survive each day. Back in their town where there’s only a small number of non-flying behemoths walking the land and there were no flying ones, Xyphen would sneak out. The trick is to walk really slowly and if possible, hold one's breath until there’s no monster nearby or time one’s sharp inhale during a strong gust of wind. That way it can confuse the behemoths and even the flying ones. He’s not sure about the latter though, he just assumed. When worst comes to worst, throw something so that they’ll come after it instead.
He knew that the behemoths have a bad sense of smell, they can’t see as well. And according to the seminar they attended in the Guardians, their tunnel eyes were actually nothing but a deep cavity that traces back to their ear canals. So, all in all, they basically have four ears, two that were located way back to their skull and one in each side of their head. That’s why their hearing abilities are out of this world, not to mention they sense vibrations as well from their surroundings.
Xyphen racked his brain on how they can escape the situation if anything bad happens. He looked around them. The office was a good place to get cornered. He sucked air between his teeth as he shook his head. Even if they get out, he doubts they could get away with the flying ones unless they have these specialized guns issued for the solar guardians. That thing was beyond awesome. The design was a bit bulky but one shot has over 60 percent success rate of hitting one flying behemoth. Not only that but one shot produces a couple of shrapnels that could puncture any land behemoths around, slowing them down.
“Xyphen,” Soleil whispered.
He looked at her and noticed her wary expression. Soleil’s hands began trembling again. She gulped and then when Xyphen silenced his thoughts for a second, he heard the bell chime again.
Xyphen switched his phone to life, it popped fifty unread messages. Most are from Soleil’s dad, then their captain, Xyphen cussed beneath his breath, then their friends. There was nothing from his mom. He swallowed and smacked his lips. His eyebrows quirk when he saw Jackson’s name along with an unopened envelope icon.
“I think it’s time to call some under the table backup,” Xyphen muttered, grinning as he opened the conversation with Jackson.
Jackson is his best friend even before the apocalypse started. They went to different extracurricular activities together. They did lots of co-op gaming. They even dyed their hair the same color one summer. They were inseparable that people jokingly asked if they did blood pact which they would reply that they did piss pact instead which is far more better. It was a pact that they would carry on until their next lives, it doesn’t matter if he was reborn as a toad and Jackson a fly or vice versa.
Anyway, they didn’t do a piss pact and they didn’t do a blood pact either because none of them wants to drink blood… or piss. But still, their friendship was as strong as one who did it.

JACKERSON (online)
Jackerson: Wht the fck man where r u?
Ur captain said u stuck in the wild sun. need back up?
Reply pls . shortage od solar gaurdians here its trueBut I can get u out there. I can sneak out. Hmu where u r or better share ur location.

Type something...SEND

Xyphen bounced on the thought. Jackson can get into trouble. He’s currently a candidate as solar guardian after he killed a flying behemoth using a regular gun and a dagger back when they were partners in a mission to retrieve something inside the mall. It was a very rare insomniac flying behemoth. Xyphen didn’t know much about what happened since he was knocked unconscious after the behemoth’s wing bitch-slapped him. His camera still turned on, and Jackson’s camera led to his friend’s heroic glory and also the discovery that there’s also insomniacs among flying behemoths although it was a very slim chance of meeting one.
The loud clatter outside shook Xyphen awake from his reminisce. Soleil’s eyes were wide as it darted towards their door then to Xyphen. Her hand automatically reached for her gun. They needed backup.
He tapped the share location button. It automatically sent a map to Jackson with a pin on their location.

JACKERSON (online)
Jackerson: Das what im talking abt. I’ll be there. if u hear a loud boom das me das ur cue to run
Ill cover u u know the drill

Type something...SEND

Xyphen let out a sigh as he scooted near Soleil. He tapped her knee and she jolted. Her eyes were straight at the door. “Jackson’s going to help us.”
“Isn’t he just a trainee?”
He shrugged. “He is,” Xyphen showed Soleil Jackson’s idea.
Soleil shook her head. “He’s going to get in trouble-“
More racks crashed on the floor. The familiar clicking and piercing sound of a behemoth can be heard from the room. Xyphen tried to focus on the sound. The sounds were overlapping with each other. “There’s at least two active behemoths outside this door,” He pointed at the door to their left. “And I want you to focus on your breathing, don’t let panic distract you. No sudden movements. Soleil,” His eyes focused on Soleil’s brown eyes. “We’re going to be fine.”
Soleil was about to say something, but the sounds of the behemoths had gotten near, the floor started to tremble. Xyphen placed a finger on his lips. Soleil nodded. Then he looked at the dog. He gulped. The dog trembled like a mad engine.
There’s no way he could stop the dog from trembling. The chihuahua felt and look like a ticking time bomb in his eyes. He had no clue how to disable- no, not the right word, calm it down and one wrong move could set it off in a series of growls and barking.
The behemoths outside their door seemed to circle the place again. Each clash of items was followed by a growl and more clutter. They were really dumb beings, but they are strong that’s why it’s not wise to underestimate them.
Close to an hour, Xyphen checked his phone again. Jackson was now offline.
Maybe he was still on his way. Nothing bad would happen to Jackson. He knows his game. He’s good at staying in the shadows and sneaking his way. There are a total five stop points from where the grocery store is. Within each point is a good five minute run. Too far. It’s not like they could run either but if they do Jackson’s idea, he and Soleil could use the distraction to sprint.
Soleil and Xyphen looked at each other almost at the same time as a long high-pitched hiss sound blasted within earshot followed by a loud boom.
“Now!” Xyphen yelled.


2022.01.18 22:41 freewilllibrary Anything That Flies Against Anything That Moves | Noam Chomsky

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2022.01.18 22:41 Witty_Money_2496 COWSORP_XB1

Welcome to The Community Of Washington State Official Roleplay, We strive for Excellence, realism, seriousness, We train for the best, To make you a great Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic, and Civilian, We wish to make you a person of honor and loyalty, We have been up for 2 years, We take everything to a professional level, Join Today.
- Washington State Patrol
- Yakima Police Department
- Yakima County Sheriff Office
- Yakima Fire/Rescue Department
- Washington State Civilian
- 911 Dispatcher
Extra Info:
- Daily Role Plays
- Experienced Staff Team
- Professional RP's
- Xbox one only
- Must be 14 years of age or older upon applying
- You have a reasonable level of maturity
- Must have a device to talk through when role-playing
- Must be Active. We don't tolerate inactivity!!
Thanks for your time and hope to see you! Link:
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2022.01.18 22:41 DesperateCod5139 Trying to decide on a new controller

Trying to figure out what controller I should get, weekend warrior, have been putting a lot of hours into halo and Warzone, reviews seem to consistently say the razor or the elite 2 controller seem to be the best?
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2022.01.18 22:41 letsdosomedabs Week-and-a-half down, thanks everyone for the support and perspective

As the title says, just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support and perspective over the last 10 days of sobriety.
Back to the gym full time, communicating with my partner better, starting to see the effects accumulate and really feeling good about being on track right now.
Thanks again folks, stay strong & sober!
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2022.01.18 22:41 DJDarwin93 If you ever wonder if your creature is too weird: remember that Dollocaris was a real animal.

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2022.01.18 22:41 spreadmytube The Terminator vs. Cat Callers

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2022.01.18 22:41 Familiar-District-34 LCK power rankings Week 1 of 2022 Spring Split

To open the 2022 LCK season, most of the movement in our power rankings came at the bottom of our table, with the top four teams from our preseason rankings cemented in place. Here are the LCK power rankings after week one of the 2022 Spring Split. 1) Gen.G
2) T1
4) Nongshim RedForce
5) KT Rolster
6) Liiv Sandbox
7) Fredit Brion
8) DRX
9) Hanwha Life Esports
10) Kwangdong Freecs
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2022.01.18 22:41 Koogun 24/7 console server

On PS4, and PS5, I am hosting a 24/7 no rules server. To join, Add Terra_World_Host, and then view his PSN profile.
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