Bulldog's Real Cameo Page(No Krappa)

The Smoking Gunns were a professional wrestling tag team of kayfabe brothers Billy Gunn (Monty Sopp) and Bart Gunn (Mike Polchlopek). They portrayed cowboys in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1993 to 1996. As a team, the Smoking Gunns won the WWF Tag Team Championship three times. Two YouTube stars with followings in the millions are set to duke it out this weekend in a boxing match one manager is calling "100 percent real". UK 7:03am Aug 25, 2018 Drone escapes bulldog's ... Fake paper plates causing real problems on the road . Pilot maneuvers small plane on to US 59 during emergency landing. Intruders tie up English Bulldog's owner and take dog, police say. Voted Charleston's #1 Food, Ghost & History Tours, Bulldog Tours' licensed tour guides offer exclusive access to the city's most alluring places. Explore Tours. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Southwest Freeway has reopened after it was closed for over five hours Wednesday due to an overturned 18-wheeler, causing major morning commute delays.

2021.12.07 14:29 George_Warden Bulldog's Real Cameo Page(No Krappa)

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2021.12.07 14:29 Sins0fTheFather You’re not Peter Parker…

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2021.12.07 14:29 minibagelxo Keep getting rejected from OF

I've been on Onlyfans before in 2020 and I am currently trying to re-sign up, but my application has gotten rejected like 4 or 5 times now. I was rejected multiple times last year too before finally being approved. I've provided everything they could possibly need... but now they are saying I must show them *two* social media platforms with at least 5-10 posts showing my face lol??? Can I just make a fake insta and post 5 pics?
Sooo my valid driver's license and passing a facial recognition software test *and* providing links to all my adult platforms where I am obviously age-verified isn't enough to prove I am real and of age, but unregulated social media accounts will?!!! LMAO! Oh ya how could I forget OF hates cam girls. Silly me.
Halp. What can I do? I recently offered to make a custom sign or film a short verification clip.
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2021.12.07 14:29 usdballum FS/NFT 2021 Topps Chrome Parallels. See Prices In Captions. Shipping $1.50. PayPal Only

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2021.12.07 14:29 Ash_Haq The total damage boost is permanent or temporary and if temp for how long?

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2021.12.07 14:29 fartsontits Interesting article/news from Goldman Sachs on high net sell offs.

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2021.12.07 14:29 12000Comet Hidden Base In Antarctica That I've Found

I was doing the usual flight tracking I like to do, and a few weeks ago I've spotted a private Canadian owned plane taking off in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica, I tracked it for a minute or two before it disabled tracking and went off radar. I did some research on this location and it is the same place where a huge hole appeared that was the size of Kansas. https://imgur.com/a/dTkii3F
The aircraft is a Douglas DC-3 which is a transport aircraft.
"The DC-3 has a cruising speed of 207 mph (333 km/h), a capacity of 21 to 32 passengers or 6,000 lbs (2,700 kg) of cargo, and a range of 1,500 mi (2,400 km), and can operate from short runways."
This means the aircraft could've dropped passengers off in that location before taking off. The question is, what is a private owned transport aircraft doing in the middle of Antarctica?
Private Owned Transport Aircraft taking off in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica
This location is also directly across from where the two holes were found: https://imgur.com/a/eU35xRH
Straight line across
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2021.12.07 14:29 DiurnalParallax I (M29) found super short skirt in the laundry

I (M29) have been with my wife (F33) for almost a decade and we've had our ups and downs for sure. Recently she's been staying the night at her friends house on some Friday or Saturday night. She's also been going out to dinner with her coworkers a little more frequently than before, which on the surface is nothing out of the ordinary. She has a very important job in her company and is responsible for many people and things, so I understand her on her phone constantly texting and meeting with coworkers or other work functions sometimes multiple times a week.
However, the past month or so something just seems a little off. Sometimes she'll have work events or things that seemingly pop up within a week or less, which like I said before it's not too out of the ordinary. The past week or two I've noticed she will go to the bathroom once or twice a night for like 10-15minutes at a time, which is fine ya know that can easily be understandable but sometimes I don't even hear the toilet flush maybe my ears just don't hear it. Like most of this, I'm just giving the benefit of the doubt I don't want to act paranoid for something that could be nothing.
Anyway, so last week she had a dinner out with one of her woman coworkers no big deal. I dont go out for dinner with friends often, but 2.5hrs is probably normal for most friend dinners? The following day when I get home (I get home before her) I notice that one of her sexy black bras is in the laundry basket. And I do our laundry most of the time so I'm usually familiar with what's in the basket. But again, I can easily brush that off because who doesn't want to wear the underwear, or bra, that you feel makes you look good or feel good when you go out to dinner. Completely understandable.
I know this a long read, but it all leads to today when I'm folding our laundry. Like I said before, i do our laundry most of the time and I am very familiar with my wife's wardrobe. Most of her underwear, bras, lingerie, or just sexy clothes I know because I've purchased most of them. I'm folding the laundry when I come across this black very short skirt, I mean so short you could definitely not wear it in public (at least in my opinion). Now two things come across my mind: 1, I've never seen this before and 2, I've certainly have never seen her wear it. So what am I to think in this situation? If it's hers and she's had it, okay fine but you haven't worn it around me so why's it in the laundry basket? I'm going to ask her about it tonight, but I'll be honest we've been arguing alot recently so I'm guessing she'll either deflect and just say she's had it and I don't remember. Is this something I should worry about, what would your reaction be, am I overreacting?
tl/dr: found sexy skirt in our laundry that I've never seen before, and I've never seen my wife wear.
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2021.12.07 14:29 Darren-B80 New McLaren livery for Abu Dhabi GP

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2021.12.07 14:29 Raptors8119 Curious what people are paying monthly to lease/finance a car

Lately I've been contemplating leasing or financing a SUV. Needing some extra room and when playing around with some online calculators, it seems Kia has the most affordable options.
My current vehicle is starting to require more maintenance (just replaced brakes, callipers) was also told control arm bushings needed fixing in the rear which will.be a $5-600 repair.
Always been a saver and believed used cars are the most budget concious choice but I'm sick of these expenses that keep coming up to keep a 10yr old car going past 150000k.
Thinking of selling my current Soul (market value would between 4-5k. And putting a deposit on a newer SUV. It seems I could get a monthly payment of $220 with a 4000 downpayment.
Curious what others are paying and if anyone has been in this situation before.
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2021.12.07 14:29 friggenfuckentaken Cannabis auf Rezept gegen ADHS. Bemommt's wer von euch? Was sind eure Erfahrungen damit?

Disclaimer: aufm Handy geschrieben, also verzeiht mir, wenn die Autokorrektur wieder Mal übers Ziel hinaus schiessen sollte
Würd's gern ausprobieren mal, nur das Ansprechen des Themas bei meinem Psych war Recht erfolglos, da Cannabis = Droge.
Ich bin mittlerweile auf 70mg elvanse und obgleich das Medikament für wirkt, sind die Nebenwirkungen für mich nicht mehr tragbar mittlerweile.
Dazu kommen noch eine diagnostizierte Angststörung (nicht mehr so schlimm seit der ADHS Medikation), Depression (auch viel besser seit der ADHS Medikation), Schlafstörungen und aktuell wart ich auch noch auf einen Termin um auf Asperger getestet zu werden (und auch hier hab ich die Erfahrung gemacht, dass cannabis mir hier extrem hilft in sozialen Kontexten entspannter und freundlicher zu sein.
Angefangen mit Medikinet, dann auf elvanse 30, dann elvanse 50, jetzt mittlerweile elvanse 70. Im Laufe von knapp 2 Jahren nach Diagnosestellung im Alter von 39.
Problem ist, dass ich recht schnell immer mich an die nächste höhere Dosis gewöhnt hab und mit den 70mg elvanse jetzt schon länger gut "fahre", aber die Nebenwirkungen für mich eben einfach zu stark/ viel geworden sind.
Mit elvanse 70 kamen dann auch wieder die Schlafprobleme u.a., dagegen würd mir Off Label trazodon verschrieben, worauf ich auch überhaupt nicht klar kam....und ich ehrlich gesagt auch nicht morgens auf Rezept einen "upper" und abends einen "Döner" nehmen will.
Dazu kommt, dass ich mittlerweile auch schon auf die Mitte 40 zugeh und zB elvanse in der Schweiz nur bis 50 oder 55 zugelassen ist. In Deutschland gibt es glaub ich keine Beschränkungen in der Hinsicht, aber mit dem wissen fühlt man sich dann aber auch nicht wohler.
Ich selbst hab früher hier und da mal gekifft und kam darauf immer gut klar, in den vergangenen Jahren ab und an Mal CBD gekauft um gegen die Schlafprobleme anzugehen, hat auch gut funktioniert.
Ne Freundin von mir kifft regelmaessig noch und wenn ich dann mal mitrauch fühlt sich das für mich an, dass die Wirkung ähnlich wie von den Medis ist, nicht so stark vom Effekt, aber ein positiver Effekt ist durchaus da...nur ohne die Nebenwirkungen und eben mit dem Vorteil, dass man viel "flexibler" das Medikament einsetzen kann.
Sprich, wenn ich zB erst mittags um 16 Uhr einen wichtigen Termin hab, müsste ich mir nicht schon morgens um 6 die 70mg elvanse "reinpfeifen"...mit der Gefahr, dass die Wirkung um 16 Uhr dann evtl sogar schon weg oder fast weg ist.
Meinen Psych hatte ich damals gefragt, er war absolut dagegen. Die Psychotherapeutin, die ich damals noch hatte, ebenso.
Hausarzt hab ich jetzt noch nicht gefragt, aber der würd mich wahrscheinlich eh zum psych so schicken, was ja auch absolut Sinn macht, allein aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ich von dem even schon ein btm Rezept krieg. ....und ganz abgesehen davon, dass das für Hausärzte scheinbar ein immenser Aufwand, Papierkram und Bürokratie ist und meiner mit Corona, impfen etc eh mehr als ausgelastet ist, die Wartezeiten sich fast verdoppelt haben etc.
Wohne in Schleswig-Holstein, falls jemand Ärzte empfehlen kann per DM.
Grundsätzlich würden mich aber allgemein die Erfahrungen mit dem Thema im allgemeinen interessieren, sprich:
Erfahrungen mit Ärzten, Rezepten, Krankenkassen und eben der Wirkung in Hinblick auf ADHS.
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2021.12.07 14:29 ocdshmuck “ATSF 5169 leads a long eastbound 2-858 through the signals at milepost 15.2 of the Cajon Subdivision near Hodge, CA on 10 02 88.

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2021.12.07 14:29 Cheap_Ad_3614 Any tips for encouraging your bird to come out of their cage? Millet and a perch works sometimes but he’s pretty unsure about it and I was wondering if there’s other ways

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2021.12.07 14:29 see-137 A doodle I made while listening to the audiobooks. Inspired by popular artwork found around the internet.

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2021.12.07 14:29 MrRawmantikos Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece.

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2021.12.07 14:29 GENIUSBRANDSINSIDER Obviously on a mission! A 24/7, around the clock mission!

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2021.12.07 14:29 Willing-Delay9441 Constant horror

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2021.12.07 14:29 Pavanetto Which one of you did this?

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2021.12.07 14:29 Frosty_Platform_7293 New School Dawson?

hey guys I got this email about "New School" where you can take English and Humanities classes at night instead of day to supposedly "ease the pressure". I was wondering if it's worth it to pre-register there or not. I was also thinking that maybe it could be easier and will get better grades but I might be wrong. Any advice pls?
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2021.12.07 14:29 voraciousseating38 When dreams come true

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2021.12.07 14:29 postsshortcomments Modest Mouse - Bukowski

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2021.12.07 14:29 douchewaffle17 [Thank you] to the wonderful bunch of people!

I am sorry mods for all the flairs you'll have to do and a lengthy post! LOL. Thank you for doing this!!
Onto the thank yous and the wonderful community, I appreciate each of you<3 :
u/knnguyen21, thank you so much for little denmark card!I wasnt aware of this place at all but I really love how it had some inspiration from there! Its crazy how other countries try incorporate stuff from other places! Wow. I know theres an Eiffel tower replica in Tianducheng, China which I also think is cool LOL.
u/LaCuntessa (2x) thank you for the gorgeous Congaree card and animal card, I love the lil info on what ya can find there! Ive never seen fireflies in real life as im not sure they exist in Europe but id love to see! Also im happy they didnt stamp on the right side and the stamps were saved!!! they're soo soo cute and I love the wintery theme animals! beautiful.
u/dogluvr1815 I really love the Lincoln card! I also havent seen this visit either but wow! That's a cool piece of info included and I wish we learnt more of America here! It was mostly european or lithuanian history, blah! Thank you:)
u/sooclevereh for Indian miniature card!! I love the art of it! Thank you for sharing this with me as I am.so far away from.such art and it is new to me each time!:) Hope ya have amazing holidays and christmas<3
u/sleepycatbeans, thank you so much for the glow in dark deer card! I was also so amused by the stamps you used wow! I collect all sorts of stamps and its so cool to see these! Love the mystical and peaceful vibe of this! Miss going to the woods now that I live in a city. I hope you're well<3
u/PinkPengin, thank you so much friend for the beautiful Grand Teton Park card! it isss marvelous and the vastness of it, o my! AHAH i loved the lil bit about the penguins! How adorable. Thank you for putting such beautiful stamps on it! im in awe of all the different ones! This may urge me to see a penguin documentary! AHAH. If you ever watch those. I love that penguins may even find their soulmates! Hope you're well, sending hugs<3
u/SadieFenix thank you so much for the beautiful Pusheen card, I always recognise your cards by the greeting! All my Pusheen plushies are grateful for this too!! Now where do I find Pusheen clothing?hm. I might be a little too obsessed yes. AHAH. Thank you, it is ADORABLE in a million ways. LOOK AT THE LIL.SUNGLASSES. how cute. I wanna go to the beach. Has it been snowy there?? We have several inches of snow and its everywhereeee, ice too cant walk without slipping lmao Its like -9 C degrees. cold. Straight out of the fairy tale let me tell ya! AHAH. it looks so pretty on the trees. ALSO i love your hobby! I used to do it too when I was smaller and it was so enjoyable to sit by the beach and let waves wash over me and collect tiny rocks and all sorts of shells! I still have a mini box of shells. Not sure what to do with em tho! Maybe incorporate them into some.sort of art hmm. I also have loads of amber and its ironic cuz im Amber! AHAH. Do you have a favourite rock? ALSO THAT MINERAL STAMP WOW. Gorgeous. And the heart <3 Thank you, I hope you're well, friend!
u/snailmailer142 for the adorable snowmen card!!! It is soooo cute and I just wanna hug someone now! the lil rabbits and squirrel awww. Do you ever still build snowmen?? I kinda want to but dont want it to seem weird to whoever sees me lmaoo. Im quite tall so id not pass as a kid LOL. Thank you for kind wishes, friend, I hope you have amazing holidays!!
u/lucilimon for such an adorable penguin let it snow card!!! I love how the glitter shines as I pass it over light! Beautiful. It suits the hat! I hope you and your family have an amazing christmas<3
u/xxturtlepantsxx for such nice christmas wishes and beautiful bird card and I wanna wish you to have an amazing christmas filled with joy and love and warmth and lotsa nice gifts! Thank you<3
u/Rura_Penthe924 thank you for the christmas card and wishes! I am feeling festive, thank you for making me smile! May 2022 be your best year! <3
u/consciousplanter for christmas card<3 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND GLITTERY IM AWING! the beauty of it! did you make it??? Its so well done and gorgeous goddamn. Thank you so much friend <3 I absolutely love the gift ya got omg! Aren't personalised gifts the best?? Honestly my favourite gift would be my mothers ring! She got it for me on my 21st birthday and its so beautiful and made of gold! Very sparkly. Means a lot to me and Ill carry it with me forever:)
u/luxsloth for the most adorable kitty card! I always loved cats ever since I rescued a stray and got home for it! It was such a new experience and I still appreciate it to this day cause the world of cats is very different from the world of dogs! But they're all so precious. I am loving this kitty christmas card!! How adorable is it! and the fact you have your username printed as well as with wishes wow!! did you make it yourself? Hella beautiful! Thank you for kitty goodies <3 Hope you have the most amazing holidays and new year!
u/cswl (2x) for most amazing holiday cards!!! I absolutely love your handwriting and reading what you wrote just makes me smile! Feels like an old written letter in a way with how fancy your handwriting is:) Most challenging part of christmas would definitely be the activites but I sorta agree and will say its the very small time frame! I wish we could enjoy it more and yes stores do keep christmas stuff for like a month but the celebration itself lasts just two days here! I wish it was longer so Id not have to miss it so soon. Also how close it is to new year LOL. Id rather have it way further! Oh and coming up with gift ideas for people who have bought everything they want LOL! I end up making something very personalised but it can be difficult for 5 years straight! Btw earmuffs are so cuteee, I am upset I havent got any cause I lacked confidence to rock them but you know what, maybe its a sign I should get em! today temperature was. -9C which is freezing lmaoo and I am freezin my asss offf. What do people usually wear where you live? I assume its something like tank tops(or summer dresses which I am jealous about)! LOL. Yesss I love a good scarf. I love to wrap it around my.head and put dark sunglasses on so I look like a fancay lady. This colder weather sorta allows me to experiment. Do you miss your old city? Thank you so much for the wishes, may your holidays be perf!!!<3
u/BohemianBambino thank you so much for the christmas card! Aww and adorable wishes! This card really speaks to me cause of my lil doggie! Her birthday is during christmas so its like a double celebration! The birth of my tiny baby. Thank you so much and I hope you and your kitties have an amazing christmas and new year! Pet them for me<3
u/lilyofthelake thank you so much for the adorable christmas card!!! I love the small creatures and how lively it is <3333 Wishing you an amazing and fun christmas and new year!!!:)
u/qw46z thank you so much for the Fraser Island card! Man it is so beautiful and now I see why a lot of surfers reside there LOL. The blueness of the ocean and the greenery wow! Makes ya wish ya were there just chillin by and drinking pina colada HAHA. It is a beauty! Thank you. I am definitely gonna visit it in my lifetime and thank you for lettin me know of this place! Have you ever been there?! P.S amazing stamps, new ones I never seen before!
u/dwrfstr (2x) thank you so much for the canyonlands park card as well the brewery one! I wonder does it seem.anything like grand canyon? LOL. Its all so beautiful in the card! I really love the graphic design of it. Thats why I loved this cowboy game I played because they showed off such amazing views of canyons. Far from what id ever see here. Speaking of beer (I almost typed bear lmaoo) I love to have ir during the summer hot days! I swear its the best then. Do you like to drink it? Thank you for this cool informative card! Id love to take a trip there, they seem like a fun bunch to hang with! One of my fav drinks is rye bread drink! Did you ever have it?:) Thank you again!
u/likealobster thank you so much for this doggy card! they do come close to wolves LOL and my lil diva surely is like a mini wolf.I love it and my dog snores like all the time, I love to watch animals sleep or in thoughts! AHAH. Always get to thinking what do they think about...Lmaoo I went by our christmas tree here but it was later burnt by someone and they named him.Grinch! LOL so ive been wondering what to do next, maybe visit christmas markets too. Nothing closed here yet! Thank you so much for the christmas wishes! What sort of advent calendar did you prepare? was it with candy inside? Advents are so beautiful! Thank you so much, I think i am.the only lithuanian here lmaoo. Im glad to be your first <3 We have tourists from your location sometimes and its really lovely to see. Have an amazing christmas and new year<3 Thank you for such beautiful stickers! My birthday is coming so it feels like one already!
u/missnettiemoore thank you so much for the thanksgiving card! it may be late a bit but I enjoy the information ya put about it in it too! Its so fun to learn about other countries! I have apple and pumpkin pies all year around so I might need to mix it up during actual.thanksgiving lol! Thank.you for such amazing wishes<333 I hope you're well! Happy late thanksgiving:)
u/stephkempf (2x) thank you so much for the amazing cards! I really loved the hangman game so thank you for playing it with me. Oo damn how come ya didnt like the inside of it? I think its beautiful and I love how it comes with a matching envelope! unless its hard to write! Very different and artsy, I would see myself designing a dress on this theme. I love the mini flower tree card and the caption game! AHAH. You come up with the best ideas I swear. This is beautiful! Thank you so much, friend:)
u/samswizzle thank you so much for the amazing shiny gold bird card! I absolutely love the texture and colours of it! It shines so beautifully against the light:) Did you doodle the hedgehog ( i used to call it hedgedog lmaooo) its so pretty!!! and cute aww. Thank you so much for the wishes and I wish you to have an amazing 2022 as well as christmas<3 The shoes you own I looked up and they're so so so pretty omg. I want a pair but they're probs out of stock now LOL. Take good care of em! Hope you're well and thank you for the extra goodies wow! I never had caramelised pear tea but this will be my first! I cant wait to try:) Also what cool stamps!! I wonder what the text on them means!
u/wabisabi_sf (2x) thank you so much for the beautiful cards!!! omg I absolutely love the cards you chose! thank you for this. The kawaii themed one is so cuteeeee. Fits my whole room aesthetic so well! The mini smiling food items r just adorable AHAH. Now I want a dress with such print! Ahh and the beach! I miss going there during summer but hey the time will pass so quickly. I plan to just finish my practice period at uni which ill have to apply at whatever internship I find later in the summer! So I am excited for that. I hope you and your family are well<3 thank you for such beautiful cards and ALSO. what amazing stamps! I also love how you made envelope! such a creative idea.
u/goa-chiah-pa (2x) thank you so much for the kawaii beautiful holidays cards! omggg. I LOVEEEEE THESE. The sheer cuteness of it and the colours! And even two of them! You're spoiling me! AHAH. They're absolutely adorable and fun! I want some clothes made out of this print LOL. Speaking or christmas and new year, thank you so much for the wishes<3 December here has been so cold and we have a -10C temperature here lmaoo, I can barely walk without slipping on ice! But I love that I get to show off fur coats I own because they're so colourful and beautiful. I cant imagine having christmas during the summer tho! Must be so different to you if you ever spent it in a diff climate! But I love the idea of spending it by the beach or somewhere cool wow. i really love showers after each summer walk, so refreshing. Omg. AHAH. id not survive in 40c+ temperatures! we dont really own fans here so when it hits, it really affects people. Do you guys have built in ceiling fans? and do you still decorate christmas trees? Or houses? I hope your christmas and new year are perfect and you meet the goals you may set for 2022! Thank you<3 Ps. Beautiful handwriting!
u/CupidKat thank you so much for the amazing star card! wow im in awe of the vibrant beautiful colours, they look even prettier in real life! The deep vastness of it woah. It is beautiful!! Stargazing sounds like such a fun hobby, I wish I could take it up but would I even see much in the middle of city? Must be so gorgeous to see all the starry sky and more wow. I think I would take pictures non stop! We are so small in this world and the vastness of space is so daunting and beautiful to think of at the same time. I truly believe there is so much more out there and I hope we someday find what else there might be. And here we all are in this tiny planet celebrating life in many different ways. I love it. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories with me and for sharing this beautiful art. I am grateful! Also do you read books? You write like a true writer! And I love it.:) Hope you're well and thank you for all these amazing goodies wow! I love the fitting theme and NASA card! How creative!:)
u/rhapsodytravelr thank you so much for the beautiful glittery Santa christmas card and loving wishes! I hope your holidays and new year are the best and may 2022 be your year! <3 :)
u/libertyprogrammer (2x) wow thank you so much for the ever desired floral card!!! It was so evident it was made with such love and amazing skill! IM in awe! You certainly have the eye for design, I love how it came out and the pink colours of it:) Honestly want to frame it! I am super grateful for the craft you shared with me and the wishes along it. And congrats on the flair! 100 happy people is a huge number! or I assume even more if not all thanked. Youtube is a great place to take inspiration from. When I made a card for my mom I looked at pinterest mainly, it was this beautiful watercolour bits of various colours glued onto a card in various glass shapes! it turned out beautifully and ill have to share it here sometime! :) Or cardmaking subreddit. Thank you so much for the entertaining booklet thingy, wow I never received something like this before. I love dotting stuff for my niece so this will be fun! And the kawaii banana and cupcake stickers! Absolutely adorable. Happy holidays and may 2022 be an amazing year for ya:)
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2021.12.07 14:29 Metal_Mustang The Pride still holds up!

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2021.12.07 14:29 alle15minuten Gerade ist es December 07, 2021 at 06:29PM

Gerade ist es December 07, 2021 at 06:29PM
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2021.12.07 14:29 fallout20 What the HELL Happened to Los Angeles, California???

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